Our Team

Stephen Foster: Owner and Manager

Stephen holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Mississippi State University.  He worked in IT for over 20 years at his alma mater.  He meets with the clients, assesses their needs, and manages web development. His perfectionism keeps him working on projects to the wee hours of the morning, and you can be sure that your website will look perfect when he’s finished with it. His ability to connect with people, his top-notch customer service, and creativity make him the best option to manage your website development. 

Joeann Foster: Office Administrator

Joeann has a master’s degree in education. She’s the homeschool mom of eleven children, English ASL teacher, office administrator for FGen IT, community service volunteer, and Stephen’s personal assistant. Her heart for service blesses everyone around her. She brings a sense of warmth and peace, and–let’s be honest–she holds the team together. When Stephen and Jayna are working on a website, it’s not unusual for them to say, “Ask Joeann,” when they’re unsure of information. She keeps track of the books, connects regularly with clients, and makes sure the business runs smoothly. 

Jayna Gerhart: Content Manager and Creator

Jayna is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of West Alabama. A self-described “nerd,” she spends her office time researching current marketing trends. This includes, but is not limited to: Reading studies on Google Scholar, analyzing competitors’ presentations, talking to clients, taking copious notes on her findings, and creating content. When she’s not in her office, she can usually be found refilling her coffee cup for the twentieth time, homeschooling her kids folding mountains of laundry, or making food for her feral horde. She lives in Millport, AL with her husband, Ben, and their four boys. 

Cecilla and Joseph Phillips : Social Media Marketing

Cecilla and Joseph have both been doing social media marketing for a few years.  Being artists themselves, they have an eye for what appeals to customers and the skill set to promote businesses.

Samantha Smith: Photographer

Samantha met Stephen and Joeann through the local Homeschool group. A mom of three, and grandmother of six, Samantha discovered her passion for photography as she documented her family’s milestones. She loves a good cup of tea and planning science experiments for the grandchildren, who spend every week looking forward to going to “Marmee’s house.” 

Leslie Neal: Graphic Designer

 Leslie holds a master’s degree in education from Mississippi State University. She has worked for Starkville Daily News and the Daily Times Leader, located in West Point, MS. She currently serves as the Manager of Marketing and Events at Mississippi State, facilitating their branding and major marketing efforts. She also offers freelance design services for various organizations, magically whipping up graphics for GTRUKR (an organization that helps Ukrainian Refugees settle in the Golden Triangle) and others. She lives in Starkville with her husband, Reggie, and three children. 

Sean: Drone Operator

 Sean has a Bachelor of Science – BSAgricultural Engineering, Technology, and Business from Mississippi State University.  He is currently employed at Mississippi State University as a UAS Operations Technician.  As a licensed drone pilot, he often files for his job at the university.

Tiara Clayborn: Photographer

Tiara owns Journey Into Perspective LLC. She also runs It’s a Journey Financial Solutions, a business devoted to helping clients attain financial freedom with her husband, Patrick. 

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