About Us

Fostering Generations LLC has an interesting history that started in 2010 when two visionary individuals, Stephen and Joeann, decided to establish a company that would offer a wide range of services to clients. During its early days, the company focused on delivering services such as homeschool conventions, festivals, and IT support to small businesses that needed website development services. However, the company’s direction shifted towards IT services, with a focus on website development. This transition was highlighted by the involvement of the young adult children who had a passion for this field and helped to collect content and update sites for clients.

Stephen played a key role in ensuring that the company provided cutting-edge services that solved specific problems faced by clients. His academic background in Computer Engineering and experience working as a Senior Systems Analyst at Mississippi State University gave him a unique perspective to identify gaps in existing systems and implement solutions using customized software or modifying source code.

Post-COVID-19, Fostering Generations LLC (dba FGen Solutions) experienced exponential growth in the demand for their IT services, leading to the rebranding of the company as dba FGen IT. Additionally, the company expanded its team to include qualified professionals outside the family. Despite the expansion, FGen IT has managed to maintain its core values of personalized attention to clients’ needs, which has led to the development of long-term relationships with highly satisfied clients.

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